At CGLA Studios we deliver high performance solutions specifically customized to your requirements. We’re recognized as leading designers for broadcast graphics creation, functional workflows for multi-channel video playout servers for 4K and HD, and data/social media solutions as well as equipment for live entertainment, news, and sports/esports productions.  


Portable 4k XPression
Studio CG

It’s portable and arrives in a case small enough to be considered as carry-on luggage for your next remote production. A single 4k channel or can be configured with 4 channels of HD output. It has all the features and functionality that you have come to expect with all our Xpression Studio rental systems. Perfect for on-air social media as well as any last minute cross-country productions requiring a CG graphic generator. And the best part - no more shipping costs or possible delays as it travels by your side!


Single 4K Channel or 4 Channels of HD output

Portable, carry-on sized, weight 28 lbs